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The Episodes! We are still in pre-production so our the series is on it’s way. BUT you can check out our teaser and trailer below!

Peter N’ Chris Live!

TORONTO Fringe Festival
July 02 - 06:30 PM
July 07 - 06:30 PM
July 08 - 10:45 PM
July 09 - 03:30 PM
July 11 - 12:00 PM
July 12 - 04:00 PM

WINNIPEG Fringe Festival
July 2014
Times and tickets

EDMONTON Fringe Festival
August 2014

VANCOUVER Fringe Festival
September 2014

JUST FOR LAUGHS 42 - SEPTEMBER 19th and 21st 2014


Hardly Men Episodes

Keep up to date with each Hardly Men episode. The Series is currently in pre-production so you can check out our trailer and check back for updates on when each episode will air!